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15 Quotes About Being Positive from Motivational Speakers

1. "When you are thankful, fear leaves and plenty arrives" is one of 15 positive quotes. (Tony Robbins)

When you are happy and grateful, negativity will go. When you are optimistic and grateful, your fear will go. Additionally, you'll feel happier, which will improve your life even further.

2. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Thus, there are 1,440 chances each day for us to have a beneficial effect. Leo Brown

You cannot allow a few unfavorable moments to destroy the remainder of your day. Positive thinking opportunities arise every minute. Regardless of what occurred in the minutes before, make the most of each minute and try to be optimistic in any situation.

3. "The basis for all plenty is acknowledging the wonderful that you currently have in your life." tolle, Eckhart

Keeping a gratitude journal will provide you a strong foundation on which to build future benefits. Positive thinking generates more positive thinking, which feeds a positive loop in your life.

Even more negativity will be added to your life if you consider all the unpleasant features of it. Remain optimistic and keep in mind that you attract what you give your attention to.

4. "Consider all the positive aspects of your life right now. Get rid of your worries. Breathe, and then let the worry go. Be optimistic; everything is fine. — Germany Kent

You will feel better if you focus on the positive aspects of your life. Your anxiousness will lessen and you won't worry as much. Breathe deeply and have a cheerful attitude, advises Kent.

5. "Change your perspective, and the things you see will change" Mr. Wayne Dyer

When you think everything is horrible, try altering your point of view. It often depends entirely on your point of view. The world will become better when you begin to think better.

6. "People cope with the bad, the wrong, and the negative too often... Why not attempt to focus on the good things and just touch them to help them grow? (Thich Nhat Hanh)

If you feel like you're dealing with issues all the time, stop spending so much time on them. Instead than worrying about the negative, concentrate on the positive. Focus on the positive aspects of each situation rather than the shortcomings.

7. "A loving individual dwells in a loving environment. Everyone you encounter serves as your reflection; a hostile person lives in a hostile environment. Ken Keyes Jr.

Everyone shares the same universe, yet each person's mentality creates a separate reality. If you have a loving personality, others will come out as loving to you. On the other side, a hostile personality will make the environment seem unfriendly.

The world reflects who you are. Make sure you can see it in yourself before you can see it in the world.

8. "The greatest course of action is to surround yourself with the strongest, finest, and most upbeat individuals you know when you find yourself in a painful or vulnerable situation." Kristen Armstrong

Keep in mind the supportive individuals in your life when it seems like your world is imploding or closing in on you. When you are feeling weak, like Armstrong says, spend time with them. You will become stronger and more optimistic when you do this.

9. "You can achieve things better with positive thought than with negative thinking," (Zig Ziglar)

If you are optimistic, your ideas will flow more easily. You'll have fresher ideas since you'll be more imaginative and open-minded.

Your thinking will be constrained if you are pessimistic. Your capacities and competencies will be limited. As you can see, being optimistic allows you to do far more than being negative does.

10. "It only takes one good idea to defeat an entire army of negative thoughts when given the opportunity to live and flourish." Bob H. Schuller

Negative thinking is far less effective than positive thinking. You'll develop the fortitude to conquer challenges and clear your mind of negative ideas as a result of it. The next time you feel bad, keep in mind that one good thought may outweigh many negative ones.

11. "It's crucial that you acknowledge your triumphs and take joy in your growth. Talk about your accomplishments with others. Be a bit cocky. The acknowledgement and encouragement of people close to you is nourishing. Rosamunde Rossetti

The act of constant boasting could be excessive, however sometimes boasting is acceptable. You may be proud of your accomplishments and others will be able to see how successful you are. Receiving assistance can boost your mood and make you feel even better.

12. "A lot of the suffering or grief we experience in life is caused by the way we see things. A family that is struggling financially may be joyful just as a person who is crippled can. (Amit Ahlawat)

Your discomfort may increase if you are thinking negatively. Instead than focusing on how awful a situation is, try to discover the positive side of it. You may be joyful despite whatever challenges or setbacks you encounter.

13. "I don't solve issues. My mentality is fixed. Then, issues resolve themselves. Lousie Hay

Although there are things you cannot control, you can control your ideas. Not all issues can be resolved. You may alter your way of thinking to deal with the issue, however.

This will enable you to identify a fresh approach. This will serve as your road map for getting over any difficulties you encounter. If you succeed in doing this, the issues will go away on their own.

Positive thinking is more than simply a catchphrase, says 14. Our behavior is altered as a result. And I really think that when I am optimistic, it improves not just myself but also everyone around me. Harve Mackay

You can't merely declare that you think positively. You must also behave in that manner. Positive thinkers exhibit positive behavior.

You'll improve as a person and find it simpler to reach your objectives. Additionally, you will improve the lives of the people in your life.

15. "You can do it now because you've done it previously. Look for the bright possibilities. Turn the significant energy you are expelling in frustration into something productive, powerful, and unstoppable. (Ralph Marston)

You've overcome each challenge you've encountered in some way. The same thing is possible this time. Maintain an optimistic outlook and continue seeking out new chances.

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