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вторник, 30 августа 2022 г.

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A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Golden Retriever Puppy By Saying ‘This Is Our Dog’

Joel Booth, 30, of Kalispell, proposed to Kadie Latimer, 28, on July 11th, 2019, with the most romantic present she will never forget.

When Kadie was posing for local photographers in Montana's Glacier National Park, the photographs were taken. When she turned around, Joel was there holding a golden retriever puppy.

"When I turned back, I was shocked to find him carrying a golden retriever puppy; I immediately wondered, whose was it?" Kadie stated.

Since Joel is such a jokester, I didn't trust him when he said, "This is our puppy."

He responded that it was our new puppy when I questioned if he had a dog. She was then given to me by him.

She was wearing a name tag that said "Kadie," and at first I believed the dog was named after me, but upon closer inspection, I saw the words "Will you marry me?" beneath.

I first believed Joel was kidding, but as he went down on one knee, I realized it was genuine. It was an amazing experience! ”

At dusk, the proposal happened while Kadie was her route to her picture shoot. Joel reasoned that it would be the ideal scenario to pop the question to Kadie.

I wanted to do something unique for Kadie that she would never forget since she means a lot to me, Joel stated.

It's just been the guys since since I got Jackson, a male golden retriever, three years ago.

I figured it was a good moment to purpose because I was sure I was going to acquire the puppy.

I went out to Jeremiah and Rachel to ask if we could do a fictitious relationship session since the photographers had previously asked me to pose for them and Kadie had done some modeling. They really came through.

"I had kept it up for a few months, but Kadie hadn't noticed. She had no clue that it was all a setup."

They call their new acquaintance Bowie.

I didn't realize the night would become one of my favorite evenings ever or that I'd be leaving with a dog and a diamond ring, said Kadie.

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