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вторник, 30 августа 2022 г.

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After 27 years of marriage, my mother is separating from my father

The fact that my father doesn't have any acquaintances or interests, as well as a history of depression and drinking, is alarming.

We are two sisters in our late 20s.

My mother, who is 50 years old, shocked everyone by announcing that she is divorcing my father after 27 years of marriage. She said that they had been dating for a few weeks (she did this with another waiter when I was about eight; my dad forgave her)

My father has been going through a really trying period. He is dedicated to my mother and lacks support from family or close friends in this situation.

His biggest issue is that he is hostile, aggressive, and antisocial.

He doesn't see the other two children from a prior marriage, and I don't get along well with him. He has a lot of humor and is quite kind, which is one of his positive traits.

The mother I know is kind and outgoing, and she keeps in touch with many friends and family members. Though I can respect her desire to leave my father, I can't help but be frustrated that she approached the situation improperly by finding someone else. As a result, I worry about him.

I identify with him because of his propensity to drink excessively and experience despair. My sister can come since she lives close by, but she is highly emotional, but I live too far away and am a more logical person. I'm helpless to aid in this circumstance. I'm not sure how to counsel Dad since he doesn't have any interests or companions to dedicate his life to, and I worry that he may become a lonely alcoholic.

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