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Best Man Asked To Leave The Wedding After Risky Joke Fails Terribly

In this pretty embarrassing occurrence, the best man made the wedding speech bitter for one bridesmaid who was ordered to leave in the midst of the ceremony rather than hilarious and entertaining. His misguided effort at comedy should serve as a warning to others to prepare their best man speeches before attending weddings rather than depending exclusively on their sense of humor, which is often not very humorous.

The bride and groom are under a lot of stress on what should be a joyous day for all the guests.

Consider the best man, who is required to write a speech that should be amusing, devoted, and sentimental.

a stressful situation, but picture if the best man delivers a poor speech and the wedding goes wrong. That would be awful.

The unfortunate story was posted on Reddit, when the groom's closest buddy made a prank that went horribly wrong.

The best man spent a lot of time crafting his speech, and he even acknowledged that it was difficult for him to think of anything to say about the bridesmaids since he didn't know them.

He thus made the decision to wing the speech and felt that he nailed it, so he closed the speech as follows:

“Bridesmaids, I simply want to mention that five of you look really lovely today since I am a little short on time and I don't really know you.

The best guy awaited his round of applause since he believed he handled the issue admirably and passed it with flying colors. Instead, the opposite outcome occurred.

Here's what happened:

"When the room darkened, I realized I had really messed up.

I didn't genuinely mean any of them when I began sobbing for one of them since everything seemed absurd. I realized after I apologized that she wasn't really that attractive and was far less attractive than the other bridesmaids.

"I believe it's better that you depart, the bride told me. The groom only nodded in her direction.

The wedding guest quickly hopped onto Facebook to post a genuine apologies in reaction to his offensive joke.

But the bride's grandma gave him a blunt retort since her deeds were not so readily overlooked.

Online users replied to the message with their own narratives.

"I feel this one as a wedding photographer," one individual said. Even though I have heard some really horrible best man speeches, this one would rank among the two or three worst.

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