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Guy Asks If He’s Wrong When Asking His Girlfriend Not To Eat So Much At His Grandma’s House

Family meals are often wonderful. However, in this man's account, supper was served at a grandmother's home who is having financial difficulties. His partner was sympathetic to his grandmother's plight and understood it. The events that followed prompted him to post a question on Reddit. He said this:

"I'm aware that the title sounds horrible, but please pay attention since this is a really special case. I'm 26 years old and I began dating Ashley a few months ago (26F). Because Ashley did not experience the kind of hardship that I and my family did growing up, it has caused stress in our relationship. Ashley grew up in a reasonably affluent and financially secure environment. Ashley is a heavier individual who is extremely outspoken about body acceptance and who will confront anybody who is f.a.t shaming herself or another.

Important to this tale is also my 70-year-old granny. Despite being a beautiful person, my grandma is very underprivileged. Although she makes fantastic food, she cannot afford to host us for supper. She won't take any money from me or anybody else, and she won't let anyone bring food since she feels obligated to provide for the family. She also feels betrayed if you turn down her invitation. She joined us for supper about a month ago, and she was so pleased with the meal that she returned for second and third enormous pieces. As my grandma must eat leftovers for the whole week, we don't do this in my family, thus Ashley taking extra meant my grandmother wouldn't eat for a few days.

I told Ashley this after dinner, and she seemed astonished. I attempted to offer her food, but she rejected the "charity" out of pride.

My grandma has asked us to supper once again this weekend. I emphasized my grandmother's financial predicament in our conversation with Ashley before we left and requested that she just take one, smaller quantity so that she can have food for the week. I offered to take her out for another supper if she was still peckish after the meal. She won't be made to feel guilty about eating, and she won't restrict her intake, Ashley said in a furious tone. She determines when she has "enough food." She also claimed that I had been f.a.t-shaming her.

I don't sure how long the relationship will endure, but I'd appreciate some feedback on if I will end up being the AH after all that's happened. Should I restrict what my girlfriend eats?

Why I didn't notify my partner before the first meal is being questioned by many people. I'll be honest, I didn't give it much thought. I never imagined that someone would visit another person's home and consume two days' worth of food at once.

What ought the young man to do? Can you aid this man?

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