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вторник, 30 августа 2022 г.

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‘I’m not inviting my youngest daughter to my wedding, my fiancée doesn’t like her’

My fiance doesn't like my youngest daughter, therefore I'm not asking her to my wedding.

When planning a wedding, creating the guest list may be quite stressful.

Typically, there is no explanation provided for not allowing kids to attend.

The nine-year-old daughter's father said he had no intention of inviting her to the wedding of his 18-year-old sister since she was not as fashionable as her.

The 46-year-old bridegroom sought advice on Reddit over whether or not he was a horrible man for just inviting his 18-year-old girlfriend.

The reaction indicates that he will, particularly given that his nine-year-old is so excited to go.

He remarked, "My fiancée is incredibly classy and has wonderful preferences."

She also doesn't really get along with little kids, which has strained things with my youngest daughter.

The couple's wedding was postponed by Covid, but they are now preparing a "lavish and extravagant" event.

Due to the nature of our wedding and my fiancee's preferences, children will not be present at our wedding, the guy stated.

But since she is no longer a youngster and gets along well with my fiancé, we will also invite my eldest child.

Naturally, his youngest daughter, whose mother abandoned her when she was six years old, has taken exception to this exclusion.

The father said, "I didn't expect my youngest would attend the wedding.

She attempted to accompany my fiancée and my eldest when they went dress shopping for my oldest since she felt like she needed one, too.

"I informed her that she wouldn't be attending the wedding since it was for adults only. My fiancé became anxious as she began to sob and get angry.

She hasn't let go of it despite it plaguing her for days.

Since they will be spending the day with their granddaughter, the grandparents have gotten involved and warned their son they won't go if she isn't.

The guy continues to object, stating that a kid is inappropriate for the wedding.

He stated, "My kid should not have to deal with my fiancée on the most significant day of her life."

My parents told me I was a bad father for putting my fiancée above my daughter and threatened to take her away to celebrate the wedding so they wouldn't be there.

On Reddit, others advised the guy to reevaluate the union.

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