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Karma Comes Knocking When An Evil Man Steals From His Grandma

Karma is a concept that we sometimes hear about and may perhaps personally encounter. Depending on the situation, it either appears to operate well or poorly.

When someone receives what they deserve, we may sometimes hear about it and feel as if justice has been done.

After reading the following tale, you'll definitely feel that way. Despite the fact that the narrative is fiction, we are aware of how often similar events occur and cannot be ignored.

Even if someone has to have their just desserts at the conclusion of the movie, you will feel as though everything is OK in the world.

When Kota, Bernice's grandson, started behaving suspiciously around her, Bernice was almost 70 years old. Kota was in his late 20s and had just been hitched to Kate, a sourpuss. Kota and Kate spent more time with Bernice as she grew older, but they never appeared to have anything to say. When he was little, Bernice loved Kota and spent a lot of time with him. She just saw a new side of him. an aspect that didn't appeal to her. She didn't give it any mind, however, as she assumed it was stress from his work or maybe problems with Kate at home.

Bernice couldn't live alone in a stunning estate house in south Florida because of its size. She intended to downsize to a smaller house where she could better take care of herself. In addition to helping her with the paperwork, Kota proposed that she stay with him and Kate while she looked for a home of her own. The offer was seen as genuine by Bernice. She observed Kate giving her an unusual grin as she was gathering her belongings.

Bernice regretted moving in with the pair right away. Kate spoke in a nasty and patronizing manner. Because Kota never bothered to speak, Bernice felt bad. After three months of living in such manner, Bernice was pleased to find that her home had sold.

She was excited to move into Bernice's house since it was fairly valuable. However, Kota advised her to trust him with her money while she looked for the ideal spot to live. The comment wasn't taken too seriously by Bernice. When Kota gave her the documents to sign, she figured he was being truthful. She was not aware that Kota had had her sign away her ownership interests in the property. He would get her money, and she would receive nothing.

Bernice claims that I don't care what sort of house I end up with as long as I don't wind up in a nursing home.

As he took her hand, he took a serious expression and made his grandmother a promise that he would never again put her in one of those situations. Behind her, Bernice could hear Kate laughing.

After a few weeks, Bernice sensed something wasn't right. Kota came into her room and gave her the unexpected news. Tomorrow, she would be moved into a nursing home. He and Kate had spoken about it, and they had decided on it. Regarding the cash she got from the home, Bernice questioned her grandson.

Aha! Grandma, don't worry; I'll keep it secure for you so you can use it whenever you want. We'll always take good care of you, Kate and I."

Bernice was aware that was untrue. The next day when she arrived at the nursing home, Amy, her new nurse, welcomed her.

After some time, Bernice realized Kota had taken her money. When he finally paid a visit, all he enquired about was if she could give him some money. As the years went by, Kota and Kate splurged on expensive trips, designer clothing, and expensive vehicles. Although Bernice was aware of where her money had gone, she was unable to stop it.

Amy was shocked and disgusted as she listened to Bernice's tales about Kota and Kate. She quickly became close to Bernice and the two quickly became great friends. Following Amy's shift, Bernice and Amy would play cards or Amy would bring Bernice some of her favorite books to read. Bernice valued Amy more than her own grandchildren, while Amy treated Bernice better than her own. She admired Amy.

When Kota came back to see Bernice, Amy led him to her room.

The instant Kota walked into the room, Bernice understood why he was there. The fact that Kota inquired about inheritance after her brother passed away suggests that she did so. Kota questioned her for a while about the weather and the cuisine before inquiring about her brother.

Have you heard from his attorneys about his d.e.a.t.h?

Kota was indeed just there to collect any inheritance. Bernice made up the story that she wasn't aware of it. She did, however, get more than $3 million from her brother's inheritance.

I have to go; see you later, Gran.

She was horrified with Kota and his wife since she was aware of their participation in this deception. However, she needed to preserve her $3 million and keep it a secret for as long as she could.

Three months after that day, Bernice died away. Amy planned a memorial service for her closest friends at the nursing home, and she sobbed for days following. Her closest friend Bernice owed her one more favor. When Bernice died away, Amy was supposed to bring a note from her to Kota. She thus took her purse and letter and proceeded to Kota's estate.

She rang the bell, and the door swung open. Kota remained there while Kate stood behind him.

Kota, you are at hand. "This is a letter that Bernice wrote. She desired that you own it.

Kota swiftly shut the door once Amy left. He tore open the envelope to see how much money Bernice had left him, and a few dollars dropped to the floor. As he read the letter aloud, Kate yelled in rage.

"Kota, I know you took my money from the home sale." Kate lied to me continuously while spending my whole life's money. Here's a fact you may not be aware of. Yes, my brother did leave me a large sum of money. the equivalent of $3 million. You won't get to see any of it. Every cent goes to Amy, who has been my nurse for many years. You are not deserving of it! Kota and Kate swiftly fell bankrupt because they lacked the resources to support their opulent way of life. They eventually lost everything and ended themselves living on the streets with only the clothing on their backs.

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