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вторник, 30 августа 2022 г.

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Mom Gets Frustrated At Her Son’s Teacher For Getting His Name Wrong For Two Years

Mother turns to the internet for guidance after learning that after educating her kid for two years, the instructor repeatedly misspells her son's name. A mother sought advice from other parents on the well-known parenting discussion board Mumsnet.

"Am I being unfair to expect my son's teacher to get his name right?" was the post's headline. "My son's had the same teacher for two years, and she still spells his name inaccurately," the mother wrote. Not only is it misspelled, but it also has a distinct name. When that occurs, my kid is pretty disturbed. His school report still has a spelling problem, despite my repeated warnings.

"Neither is the name tough. There isn't much time left for him with her. Should I ignore it or write her another email instead?

Many parents argued that the mother was not being unreasonable and advised her to send the email once again since it was unacceptable for the instructor to continue spelling the boy's name incorrectly after it had previously been brought up.

Send it, they commanded. That's dreadful, the second person remarked. 'Send it,' That the instructor still doesn't remember his name after two years is pretty awful. a mother wrote.

Since your son's name isn't on the report, one person suggested that they mail it back and claim they sent you someone else's report. I can, however, be a stout a**!

She allegedly did something that was "very horrible," according to an instructor. "The paper should have been proofread and that error should have been called out," she wrote. That is terrible! "I would get in touch with them again, and I'm meticulous about spelling names correctly. This statement is made by a teacher.

"I have already talked to her about it and contacted the headmaster about it, too," the irate mother said. I always put the right spelling of his name in red underlining on his reading log and other records to make sure she sees it. After all, he is in basic school.

His prior instructor was usually accurate in her spelling. It's not a challenging name. His report is typed, but the other assignments are written.

Every time he shows me anything with the incorrect name, he becomes irritated. Additionally, he personally told her this. "I questioned if she was attempting to annoy me on purpose."

According to one parent, the teacher's behavior can be seen as bullying the woman's kid. She is flagrantly disregarding your concerns and distressing a kid for whom she has pastoral responsibility despite the fact that you and he have repeatedly called attention to the bullying that is occurring against your child.

She has had thirty kids for two years, thus there is no explanation for such behavior from a primary school teacher. No matter what his name is, she should be able to recall it; if she can't, she's either really ignorant, incredibly lazy, or purposefully attempting to make you seem bad. Let me read your written complaint, but not in the "cc the headteacher" manner; rather, let me know that this is a "formal written complaint I expect a meaningful response to."

Despite some vehement remarks, several parents believed she overreacted...

In secondary school, I would advise letting things go. It is challenging for teachers to recall hundreds of kids. Despite the fact that two great females are in one of my courses, I still confuse them. They're continually apologizing and forgiving, a different instructor observed. It's fantastic."

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