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The shape of your nails show you some deep insights into your personality. Check yours

It takes days and weeks to get to know someone, but if you look attentively, it doesn't. The appearance of a person's nails is one example of a physical feature that might provide information about their mental state. Your personality may be inferred a lot from the form of your nails. What do yours say about who you are?

No matter whether the exam is accurate or not, conducting it is a lot of fun. You must first decide which classification of nails your nails belong to. Refer to the following chart to achieve this.

1. You have long, straight nails.

Such a romantic, you are! You place a great deal of importance on your emotions, and because of this, you experience intense mood swings and have a short fuse. You are also highly imaginative and creative, which is something else. You have great social abilities and are very good at making new acquaintances. It might be difficult because of how much effect others close to you can have on you.

2. You have short, broad nails.

You are really straightforward and always speak the truth. You are also a theorist who has a lot of thought. Sadly, you don't seem to be particularly diplomatic in your interactions with others around you. It could be unpleasant. Since of your knowledge and sincere demeanor, you are a terrific source of guidance because everyone knows they can depend on you for truthful responses. Having this form of nail also indicates that you have a very short fuse, so maybe practice being patient?

3, 4, and egg-shaped nails (round)

Given that you are such a terrific buddy, it is quite simple for you to get along with you. You are likely quite tranquil and serene, and you truly dislike turmoil and tension. Despite the fact that you are a highly gregarious person, you like to go your own way and don't always do as everyone else does. Your primary priority is logic. Making rational judgments also indicates that you are a highly steady person who is seldom swayed by emotions or the surroundings.

5. Nails with square heads

It's nice to have you in charge! While it is well known that you are resilient and fearless, you also have a delightful sense of humor that you like displaying to your loved ones. You could seem to be fairly hard on the outside. It takes some time for someone to get to know you and win your trust, but once that happens, you always make sure to keep your friends and family near by.

Triangle-shaped nails: 6, 7.

Triangle-shaped nails are often seen on intellectual people. They have a propensity to be perfectionists, which makes them excellent inventors. They succeed at high-level, challenging occupations because many of them work many steps ahead of the pack and do tasks very quickly.

8. Almond-shaped nails

You are highly outgoing and kind with others around you. Your honesty and loyalty are much valued by your friends. Your capacity to interact with others and make them feel at ease is one of your strongest traits. You are thus ideal for positions requiring a lot of consumer interaction. People respect your civility as well. You never look hostile or angry toward anybody.

9. Nails with a sword form

It conveys a willingness to toil hard and have high goals. The idea is to put all of your energy into achieving what is most important to you. You are probably quite successful in the working sphere because you put in additional time when it's necessary. Along with being a terrific worker, you are also a fantastic leader. You have a highly steady personality and are regarded as being extremely well-rounded despite your ambition and stubbornness.

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