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вторник, 30 августа 2022 г.

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This Is The Real Story Behind The Viral Photo That Made The Mom Mocked On The Internet

She reacted when a man uploaded an unapproved picture of her on Facebook. Molly Lensing and her two-month-old child were left stranded at an airport in Colorado in 2016.

After many rebookings and hours of delays, a male bystander who wishes to remain anonymous posted a photo of the mother and kid on Facebook.

In this image, Molly is seated holding her phone, and her son is lying on a blanket at her feet.

The caption said, "Albert Einstein once said, "I dread the day when technology will take on our humanity... "

After a picture of Molly became popular, there was criticism.

Others retaliated by openly criticizing and demeaning her for abandoning her newborn on the floor.

Unfortunately, her mother didn't see the picture until it had been shared 65,000 times.

Unaware strangers who had no idea what was going on unwittingly took advantage of Molly. She was made fun of by the outsiders for neglecting her kid.

Not long later, Molly finally raised her voice. She stated that the Delta computer breakdown had left us stuck.

The exhausted mother laid the infant on the ground to stretch before firing. She also made an effort to let her worried family members know about the delay.

After flights were constantly postponed and rescheduled, she spent 20 hours in airports with her 2-month-old daughter Anastasia.

She said that Anastasia had spent many hours in her carrier. She had achy arms. She had to get some sleep. The rest of the family needed to know where we were, so I had to talk to them as well.

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