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Woman was called heartless when refusing to pay for $14k wedding dress of her future mother-in-law’s stepdaughter

No female wants to be in such an unpleasant circumstance, I think.

A lady vented her frustrations on Reddit in an anonymous post where she requested the views of other users over an uncomfortable circumstance she had faced. There are numerous Redditors that have noticed her post.

This lady claims that although her fiancé's 25-year-old daughter will be married in June, she will be getting married in May.

A lady said that she and her fiancé haven't given his daughter any money for her wedding and that she hasn't asked for it either. The poster's prospective mother-in-grandma, law's on the other hand, is utterly enraged.

The lady stated, "His mother has been saying that he doesn't need a second wedding and that we are selfish for not paying for his daughter's wedding."

She said, "My mother-in-law informed my future stepdaughter that her father doesn't care about her or that he would want to pay for her wedding.

The daughter's appointment to pick out her wedding gown served as the "last straw" for the prospective stepmother.

The lady said that when she understood that her daughter had only asked her because her mother-in-law had put pressure on her, it was embarrassing. That wasn't the worst part, however.

The bride had discovered her dress and was ready to purchase it when, in front of the consultant, three friends, her future mother-in-law, and all four, her mother-in-law came to me and inquired about the cost.

Even his daughter urged her to stop.

The outfit set you back $14,000.

I was not going to pay for it, in any manner.

The grandma's tirade was ultimately stopped by the daughter, but not before the grandmother made another remark about her father not loving her enough.

I eventually snapped at her to shut talking, the stepmother wrote.

After that, the lady was verbally abused by her mother-in-law constantly but was unable to fight back.

Mother-in-law complained that we were treating her unfairly. We are heartless, and it was a terrible threat," she said in conclusion.

Fortunately for the poster, other Redditors affirmed that she was not at fault; instead, the cost of the wedding dress was what truly worried them.

One reader commented, "$14K for a dress! "I paid less than that on both of my weddings.

Another person said, "It seems like the mother-in-law doesn't 'love her granddaughter enough' to pay $14K, much alone the total wedding costs.

"Granddaughter didn't even beg for money, and any woman who can spend $14,000 on a wedding dress obviously has no money problems.

"Enough is enough," a third individual cried out.

How are you doing? What do you think about this circumstance?

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